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Global Conflict Blue

Welcome to Global Conflict Blue (GCB), an open-source real-time naval strategy game. GCB simulates modern naval and air combat from the third-person perspective of a theater commander.

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Latest Downloads

Version 1.26 (150801 full installer, 716 MB)

Version 1.26 (patch from 150218 to 150228, 78.4 MB)

Version 1.26 (patch from 150228 to 150801, 13.7 MB)

Game Manual


  • Global map - The entire surface of the earth is available for play including global bathymetry data for ocean depth
  • Real-time modeling - Flight dynamics, guidance, and sensor models are incorporated real-time for a high level of realism and fluid game play. Broad simulation capabilities covering areas such as air-to-air refueling, chaff, flare, and subsurface countermeasures, mines, smart bombs, terrain masking of sensors, and damage physics.
  • Graphical User Interface - An interactive map with commands driven by context menus. The GUI enables intuitive and fast action for managing operations. Multiple map layers cover views spanning a few kilometers up to an entire continent.
  • 3D graphics - Watch the battle unfold with a real-time 3D view. Physical 3D models are also integrated into the simulation to provide accurate optical and damage cross-sections.
  • Editable Database and Scenarios - The stock game database includes hundreds of platforms, along with associated weapons, sensors, and equipment. Database and scenario files are saved in an open format for user editing. A database editor and in-game scenario editor are packaged with the main application. Fifteen exciting scenarios are available to play, along with four tutorial scenarios.
  • Flexible time-scaling - Player-controlled time acceleration is supported to keep the game pace at an exciting level.
  • Customization - AI scripts, menus, platform database, 3D models, and symbology in an open format to allow player customization
  • Large-scale design - Capability to handle 1000+ units to support complex engagements.
  • Multiplayer mode - Server-based multiplayer mode
  • More - Much more to come!


Scenario select
Database viewer
Database viewer
Multiplayer connect
Multiplayer lobby
Air ops
Air ops
Arleigh Burke
Formation graphics

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Download the code on GitHub

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